Simplex-IT steps in when needed

Simplex-IT steps in when needed

As an IT administrator here at our company I wear many different hats. Simplex-IT fills the knowledge gaps for me, and has helped us greatly on numerous occasions.

Network Administrator
EG Industries

I can’t do it without them!

I can’t do it without them!

It’s refreshing to be able to talk to someone that knows more than I do. Their business suggestions have been spot on. It’s clear that they live this stuff. I couldn’t run my IT department without them.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

After Dove Die lost their computer expert, they enlisted the help of Simplex-IT.

After Dove Die lost their computer expert, they enlisted the help of Simplex-IT.

Simplex-IT replaced Dove Die’s full time IT personnel at a much lower cost, saving the company money. Jim has coined the phrase ‘Simpler-IT’ to reiterate how he feels about Simplex-IT and our service. “You guys …have really done a great job for us during a time when we just can’t worry about network issues or staff an onsite IT person. We have a great rapport with all the guys there and look forward to that continuing. I can trust you.

Dove Die and Stamping Company

Just what you want and need

Just what you want and need

We had to do a major upgrade to our servers. Simplex-IT laid everything out in a straight forward easy to understand plan for everyone to understand. Installation and the switch over to the new system was with minimal down time to our users. We have 33 users and the biggest benefit for us with Office 365 is having everyone on the same version of office, installation and management is a breeze.I'd recommend Simplex-IT for all your IT needs, no pressure sales, just what you want and need. Nice to have a local company.

Valco Valley Tool & Die

Great partner, helped us achieve our goals

Great partner, helped us achieve our goals

We treasure our professional relationships and appreciate how you’ve worked with us to accomplish our IT goals.

Cogun Construction

Creative solutions and out of the box thinking

Creative solutions and out of the box thinking

The ease of Office 365 administration is a huge benefit to our company. The ability to centrally manage all of our user accounts, Skype and Exchange management, and Office installations from any location is invaluable. Simplex-IT excels at thinking “outside the box”. Your team has come up with and implemented some very creative solutions to past projects, and been willing to learn about new technologies whenever necessary. Give them a shot by attending one of their many free lunch ‘n learns. The amount of knowledge and experience displayed at these events should give you all the reason you need to choose Simplex-IT.


Long time client appreciates versatility and resourceful solutions

I have utilized Simplex IT’s service for the last seven years for all of our IT needs. Their response to problems is fast and efficient with the least interruption to our day-to-day business. Simplex IT offers a creative approach in meeting needs of any company; no matter the size, industry or challenge.

VP of Operations
Ryan Alternative Staffing

Common sense answers without the hype

Common sense answers without the hype

The switch to office 365 has allowed us complete portability on email and document handling. I no longer have separate mail folders for my laptop and office work station. Whatever I do on the road is automatically synced and that is a huge time and error saver. Simplex-IT has the expertise of a big firm but the accessibility and care of a family business. They are on the cutting edge of the technology, and always reaching out to help us get there too. Frankly, they are way out ahead of us, but that is exactly what we need. Simplex-IT has been a good choice for us. We get the common sense answers we need without a lot of hype. They are good people and straight shooters. I recommend Simplex-IT highly.

Banner Ups

Great people to work with

Simplex-IT solves my issues and explains to me in laymen terms what had happened, or what they had to do to fix the problem. I like the new reporting of a problem via email and yet if I really need someone I can pick up the phone, and call Michelle to get help right away, or find out how long it will be. The new remote log in is easy to use and we like the monitoring of the server and office computers making sure that we don’t have a major shut down. The flexibility to be able to use O365 from anywhere has been a big benefit for us, all you need internet access and you are in. You don’t have to log into your work computer to access your emails. I can also monitor if there is a problem with the network or Microsoft myself if the system seems slow. If anyone is on the fence about choosing Simplex-IT as their IT firm, the only thing I have to say is why are you on the fence???? Simplex-IT is informative on purchasing new computers or programs needed for our business. They are great people to work with!

Office Administrator
Vortex Metals, LTD

Cost-effective pro-active problem solver

Managing our email on multiple devices and knowing it’s all in sync properly has been a valuable benefit. Our previous email provider had a server, which always created sync’ing issues. Simplex-IT has quick and efficient customer service. Whether it’s a little issue or a major problem, they have a relatively quick response and resolution time. Simplex-IT is a cost-effective pro-active problem solver. Prior to having an agreement with them, we used a local company on an “as needed” basis. When Simplex-IT originally quoted me a monthly service agreement and fee, I was questioning if we even needed that type of service – only because we never had an ongoing relationship with another IT company. As a marketing consulting firm, our connectivity, networking, and e-mail access is critical to our day-to-day operations. After several years, this is now an expense I would never even consider eliminating. Some months we don’t use them at all, but when we need them, the service far outweighs the expense.

Marketing Solutions Unlimited

They take the time to understand your business needs

The biggest benefit to O365 is not having to worry about the mail server going down, it is Microsoft’s problem not mine. In addition, the staff has the option of storing files they are working on in the office in the cloud and then they are able to access them from anywhere else and continue working on the file(s). Simplex-IT's thoroughness of explaining all the options available to us (discussing both the pros and cons) helped greatly in our making a decision of which option to choose. Did not feel that Simplex-IT pressured us toward the most expensive option but the best option for us, which was by the way not the most expensive. In my opinion, Simplex-IT takes the time to understand your business needs and then presents a couple of options they feel best suits your current needs, as well as your needs in the near future.

Director of Finance
Canton Symphony Orchestra Association

Quick response time

Quick response time

Simplex-IT treats you like you are the most important client they have, and they are very knowledgeable about wide range of solutions. Their response time in correcting issues is better than other IT firms we’ve worked with in the past. The biggest benefit we’ve found to Office 365 is that we all can access emails from any computer.

AIT Transmission

We feel important to Simplex-IT

We feel important to Simplex-IT

Two of the biggest benefits we’ve experienced since working with Simplex-IT is that all of the staff are on the same page when it comes to O365 software AND the accessibility to documents/emails, etc., when not in the office; and secondly, O365 appears to be budget friendly in terms of expense to have it. In truth, I have worked with one other IT firm that was also very good. I cannot honestly say that Simplex-IT does this or that better than they did, but I can honestly say that I have found working with Simplex-IT, as our relationship has developed and our knowing one another has grown has been very good for us. I think the greatest asset an IT firm can provide to a small organization (such as ours) is availability and advice and a willingness to treat us as if we were huge, and Simplex-IT does that. I would recommend Simplex-IT as a very viable choice and I believe they will be satisfied.

Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Parish

Simplex-IT listens to our needs

Simplex-IT listens to our needs

Simplex-IT made switching vendors an ease for us. They were able to provide Search Masters with an IT solution that was timely and competitively priced. Most importantly, the entire Simplex-IT staff has been personable and friendly. Our company, like many other small businesses, is concerned with keeping our IT infrastructure current and relevant in today’s digital world while remaining budget conscious. I felt Simplex-IT listened to our needs, identified issues, and poised solutions that fit our problems without ever overestimating or underestimating the severity of an IT concern. When I reached out to other companies for quotes, I felt their high-pressure sales process got in the way of good IT, but I never felt that way with Simplex-IT. I heartedly recommend Simplex-IT to anyone who needs IT assistance or a change of pace from their old provider.

Marketing Coordinator
Search Masters, Inc.

A Staff Engineer was doubling as our IT tech and losing out on billable time.

A Staff Engineer was doubling as our IT tech and losing out on billable time.

I just like the idea of being able to call and rely on somebody that knows what they’re doing and can get it done and not having to spend hours on the computer trying to find the solution. When the phone call goes into these guys, it gets done right away not hours or days later. There is a response normally in less than an hour. It is a pleasure to be able to call Sam or Cary, whom I have come to know more as friends than a client basis…very responsive, very professional, the problem is never not being taken care of. It’s always done and in a very timely manner. A phone call is it. It’s taken care of.

Bramhall Engineering

We wanted to replace our current Managed Services provider.

Your prices were extremely reasonable and you seemed willing to work with me as the in-house IT person. I'm one of those people who want to know 'how' and 'why' and Bob and Sam have been more than helpful for me and they explain everything in as much detail as I ask them for. I send these guys an email and figure they'll get to it sometime that day, and usually within 20 minutes to half an hour, I've got some sort of response. Time is the biggest thing and I know if I send it to them, it's going to get done. Bob and Sam, in addition to being really knowledgeable, are genuinely nice guys and that makes it easy to work with them.

Project Specialist
Life Equity

The Time Invested in the Security Audit was Valuable

The Time Invested in the Security Audit was Valuable

Simplex-IT does a much better job of helping us “non-IT folks” understand the issues involved and potential solutions available than the other guys. Simplex-IT comes up with multiple options for an issue rather than just dictate a solution they like or are comfortable with based on previous experience. I feel the time invested in the Security Audit was valuable because it helped me get some further insight into where our vulnerabilities existed and even gave me a few ideas to try to mitigate them further. To anyone that’s undecided about the Security Audit, this process is painless and rather un-intimidating as Bob will structure the interaction in a way that best fits the end user and does not employ a “one-size fits all” approach to this process so you end up getting what you actually need out of the interaction. I always end up learning something when I hear you speak or we talk.

Director of Human Resources
Hy-Production, Inc.

The Policy and Procedure Workshop got the ball rolling for me on the topic. I think I have a foundation now from where to continue this and deploy/write the documents. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to get the “first step” done. The big picture is more clear to me now.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

Csilla Smith

The Policy and Procedure Workshop brought up issues and items to cover with HR, IT and management in a proactive, highly relevant and ongoing manner. How much better to have an evaluation plan in place in case of heaven forbid a fire at a school, home, or business. Why wait until during or after the event to come up with a response or preparedness plan. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to 1. Learn the IT policy and procedure issues 2. Learn the talking points, current, ongoing, and developing IT security issues 3. Learn solutions to IT policies and procedures by offering sample policies, procedures, and checklists for developing and implementing IT policies and procedures for computer, data and usage, storage and termination/ending data usage. This workshop made me aware of issues, items, and checklists to address for IT, data usage, storage, and ending of the same.


Anne Schaum

Bob is straightforward and generous with his knowledge. He presents complicated topics in a manner that many can appreciate. I will definitely recommend this workshop to everyone. The need is ample, vulnerabilities abound and companies need intentional policies and procedures to protect themselves. I gained insight in future policy changes I need to implement ASAP. I wish I would have attended 2 weeks earlier so I would have known how to handle an employee who just left.


Education on where we are with security, what areas need to be addressed and help with starting a policy and procedure. It gave me more questions to ask where we want to go with all of this information and where are we more vulnerable. I’d recommend this workshop for sure. For our small company, we need help in learning where we can have issues with our IT and security. Only so much time in a day to run a company, yet these are critical for security. I now have the steps I need to do to start changing the security access to our network. We need Simplex-IT to help with our security!

Vortex Metals

Jeff Stevenson

This workshop made me think of vulnerabilities to my organization. Every company needs to be thinking of and addressing this topic. I realized we need to have a more robust policy and set of procedures.

Campbell Construction

Eric Jones

The workshop exceeded my expectations and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to start implementing good IT policies and procedures. I took away valuable information on tracking not just equipment but outside accounts as well.


Boiler Specialists, Inc.

The Policy & Procedure workshop met my expectations and addressed my questions and concerns relative to my companies IT systems and security

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for guidance for these IT related challenges. This workshop reaffirmed that I have a lot to learn but I gained lots of action points for my systems security.

City of Bedford

City of Bedford

Excellent program, very enlightening!

Accurate Metal Machining

Now I can relax when I’m on vacation

Being the only I.T. person at Accurate, I was looking for a company to help us out with our computer systems. Bob and his group at Simplex-IT have done just that. They've helped us get our systems up to snuff, including hardware upgrades, backup & disaster recovery, corporate antivirus software, high speed Internet, and network monitoring. They are easy to talk to and are great to bounce ideas off of. Now, I am able to relax on vacations knowing that Simplex-IT is there to back me up!

VP Accurate Metal Machining

The Centers for Families and Children

The Centers for Families and Children

I wanted to learn more about framework for IT Policies

Bob led that also provided nice takeaways. I would like to send the HR department and the folks that assess risk at my organization to the next workshop.

Forest City Technologies

Good overview for stressing the need and value of Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)