Announcing a new book by Simplex-IT's CEO, Bob Coppedge! Already an Amazon Best Seller!

A CEO’s Survival Guide to
Information Technology

A crotchety old geek’s road map to Information Technology (IT) for your organization

Ignorance of technology is the new measure of illiteracy. Is it hurting you and your business? Are critical IT decisions being made by the right people in your organization? In many small to medium-sized companies, key business decisions are being made by the IT support folks (geeks), while technology decisions are being made by management. Too often signals get mixed and decisions with less than ideal judgment or clarity are made.

You don't need to become a geek to make the best decisions or to grasp what your technology people are saying. You just have to develop some insight and intuition between the two worlds to effectively do your job. This manual will not turn you into a geek, but will teach you the important concepts behind the impact that IT has on your business.

A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology covers key concepts, such as:

  • Are the backups for my company up to date and effective? (page 113)
  • What do I need to know about today’s Cyber Security concerns? (page 139)
  • What kind of IT support should I have for my company? (page 198)
  • How do I know when my IT is obsolete? (page 76)
  • Why is training end users so critical for Cyber Security? (page 163)
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: What's the difference? (page 128)

Available on Amazon: A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology

Bob Coppedge has worn about every hat in the IT business, from developer, data base analyst, consultant, IT Director to Chief Information Officer. Bob is the owner and CEO of Simplex-IT, a local and nationally award-winning Managed Service Provider in northeast Ohio. As a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and a sought-after speaker, Bob combines wit, humor and a complete lack of subtlety with an ability to communicate complex technical issues in understandable terms. A CEO’s Guide to Information Technology is an insider’s guide to survival and success for the non-technical CEO.

A portion of this book’s proceeds go to Blast Glioblastoma, a non-profit organization seeking to raise money for brain tumor research.

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"I have read this great book twice!"

Such a clear, understandable need to know guide. Not just great for CEO's but anyone that doesn't speak "Geek" as a primary language!

"An excellent guide to the good, the bad, and they ugly about the small business tech support industry."

The name says it all. Truly a survival guide for business owners to help them navigate the often tricky landscape of services offered by " Tech Support" companies.

"It is nice to see someone take the time and really explain ..."

It is nice to see someone take the time and really explain the complicated world of IT in a way that business leaders can truly understand